Clan Level: 130
Reputation Level: 6
Creation Date: 17/10/2023
1 total member
@Mehthe1st Lv.153 L

My name is Mehthe1st just call me Meh. I guess I just created this clan for any Big B mains to join. I want this clan to become a good clan filled with just and only the best Big B mains in the game. (Or just any Big B mains in general) Um I guess that's it. Join if you want.

Big B Only

Additional Info About Me:
- I have been on a break for a couple months so I'm very rusty and I have no idea what's happening in this game right now
- I won't consider myself as the best Big B main (as you might argue) but I guess Im good
- And no Im not ever going to give/trade away my Rainbow King Big B skin so stop asking it's annoying
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