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Introducing Pico, the first guest character in the Bandit Universe! Pico is the most famous character from Newgrounds, the origin of many iconic browser games.

Is Pico a good guy or a bad guy? Who knows, but he absolutely hates Zetoman! "Who is he to try to dress as a superhero?" he would say. So much so that he would dress up as a supervillain to cause trouble and fight Zetoman!
Difficulty: Medium
For some reason, Pico despises Zetoman. He often disguises himself as Punk to fight the superhero during night time.
Olif and Pico first crossed path at school during lunch time. Olif was boasting to his friends about his encounter with Zetoman and thinks Zetoman is the coolest. On the other hand, Pico was adamantly explaining to his friends how he thinks Zetoman is fake and arrogant. You know where this is going...
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