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Revis is a Witch. As Olif's older sister, she was sent by Father to bring Olif back to home. However, unbeknownst to the family, Revis has wanted to explore the outside world in her own ways.
Difficulty: Medium
Just like Olif, Revis uses a staff to cast fireballs and spells. She has a wide variety of magical attacks to trap and overwhelm her enemies.

Revis has slow fireballs on top of slow movements. Her playstyle involves slowly removing each of her opponents' options, until they are trapped or made a mistake. A strong Revis player can gracefully pressure you into submission, so be careful!
Olif is Revis' little brother. She is tasked to bring Olif back to home. Although she has the powers to do so, she is often distracted and marches at her own pace.
Nero is the first person to uncover Revis' magical abilities. In exchange for a large sum of money, he convinced Revis to help him eliminate his detractors. Although Revis fails to do her job most of the times, perhaps on purpose, Nero is satisfied with one less potential enemy in the city.
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