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"Good or bad, you can always improve."
Kaizen is a mysterious samurai. Little is known about his origin and affiliation. Intriguingly, he can always be spotted in photographs and recordings in the aftermath of historical conflicts and events. The only official comment pressumed to describe him is by retired British MP Charles Wilson: "He is a willful man lost in time, with self-improvement as his sole purpose in life. It would be wise to leave him alone in his fight against himself."
Difficulty: Very Hard
Kaizen is a master-level ronin. His only weapon is his katana, but with all the different combinations of slashes, the possibilities are endless.

As a rushdown character with strong damage potential, his playstyle requires great efficiency, accuracy and rigorousness. To unlock his full power, you will need a lot of practice to understand when to use each attack he has to offer. Indeed, this character can feel restrictive for a new player, but pitted against a strong Kaizen player, your opponents will need to study just as much to keep up. The road for improvement is neverending for Kaizen.

For Kaizen players, please note that the character is unfinished and is missing a special move. This will be added in a future update.
Kaizen is not affiliated with anyone.
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