Clan Level: 634
Reputation Level: 285
Creation Date: 24/12/2022

Indominable will and power allows our clan to have free reign over this game. Despite donning the same tag, we strive to exercise open and free competition. We do not hold back for the sake of being clan members, as doing so disrespects fellow clanmates' desire to compete and win.

Having issues with your current clan or wish to have temporary protection? Censored from the game, shrouded in divinity, look no further than ****, the part-time hotel that exudes a starry, relaxing night! We welcome all types of people and hold no one back. During your stay, look forward to having the opportunities to hone your skill, isolated from any drama, noise, or assassins as **** reigns above all. So what's the cost? A measly 5 coin per night on top of simply playing the game (levels). As a hotel, members are free to leave and seek out other experiences, with minor gripes! Come back whenever, but be prepared to face more resistance than your first time coming in.

Ideally, we wish to host only the best in class calibre players -- and those with the potential to become one. One of the few *public* requirements include acquiring the infamous level 60. For the rest of the requirements, join the discord below. Join **** today!

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