Clan Level: 133
Reputation Level: 76
Creation Date: 27/05/2022
you've po'ed your last yo
- Kirby i guess

It it's currently 3:00 am on a school night and I cannot sleep due to the fact that I have one thing on my mind: geometry dash. I have played geometry dash since day 1, and will play till I die. As I sit in my bed with my sheets covered in sweat, I beat stereo madness for the 1,000 time. The sweet opening sound is the only feeling that gives me joy in this world. As I beat the level again again and again, I am filled with ecstasy. I live for geometry dash. There is not a time when I'm not playing it just to hear the sweet melodies of the levels. I have geometry dash posters in my room and robtop themed clothes. Everyone makes fun of me but I don't care, for I love geometry dash. I sleep to the sounds of base after base and lie there and just think "life is good".

Clan is closed, and I had quit months ago, so stop mailing me to join. However, I would still be active on discord under the name hoeless.
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