Clan Level: 403
Reputation Level: 172
Creation Date: 13/12/2023
Pls join my clan

Welcome to Aim's
A very cool clan and welcoming clan

Aim's Goals:
Aim's main goal is to reach top 10 and to be the best of the best
How to join:
You can be any level and have no racicim or toxicness
Message me or talk to me in a game if you want to join.
If you leave it would be nice if you message me about why you left so I could improve the clan. :)
Owner : Monkey9choi
First in command : Dom12r, Noname1
Second in command : Titt, Gladishaker
Third in command : Katy, Hitlerthethird
Members : Everyone else
Person with most growth
"Aiming our way to the top of the clans"
Allianced clans: Bred, Mono, Peck, Onyx
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