Clan Level: 70
Reputation Level: 36
Creation Date: 01/06/2022
GorB is the short form of "God or Bot?".
We are a group of Spanish classmates that play in class. We like this game, so we decided to create a clan. Our goal is being in the top 5 clans and we already are in the top 15.

Here is also a random guy. Why? Yes.
If you are new and you are reading this, let me say a few interesting things about this game:
-Big B is broken, it is the only character that no needs skill to play it well.
-Olif counters almost all characters if they aren't controled by someone really good (Olif = spaming simulator). *Note: if you main Olif don't brag about it, you wont become very popular.*
-All the unblockable characters are good, pick what you want.
-LT.Janko is overrated. I think he is the worst character of the game.
A little reminder:
If you know the lore of the characters of bandit.rip. --> God.
If you don't know the lore. --> Bot.

Go read it in the hideout.
Finally, I need to relieve, so here it goes:
I know that Big B is cleary a character made to be broken and easy for new players but he really has a lot of strenghts. His normal attack can't be blocked and deals the half of the HP and is dash deals damage and can be blocked but it can't be dashed. If this isn't enough, he also has other attack with more range pressing down + normal attack and another secondary attack that throws a barrel. In summary, the rest of the characters are more or less balanced but Big B can kill you literally of two hits.
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