Clan Level: 493
Reputation Level: 300
Creation Date: 23/05/2022
Welcome to KT clan, This Clan's Character is Kaizen ( supposed to be but ok ) We accept Talented/Skilled Players regarding their Region, Stats, etc.. But we don't accept T0xic people, Our goal is to climb the leaderboards and to have an active but also friendly Community. You can message me in my Discord or you can join my Server. To join I need to invite you you can send me a message through; in-game, Discord, Or messages in bandit. But.. While wanting to have an open community we also want this clan to be 'elite', thus we have Standards. ( also i can invite you in-game just gimme ur user :'D )

|| Standards ||
Like I said earlier above we have standards, and to join this clan you must be fairly skilled ( I have high standards for people so sorry for those i rejected T^T ) To know if you fit our ' Standards ' You must take a test by fighting one of our members with an official Spectator ( can be me or other people in my clan ) If you win, You're In. That's basically it ( this is so long ;-;) I hope You come out Victorious in Your battle.

|| Requirements ||
Must be level 20 or above
Skilled / Good game Sense
Good Personality

{ The Founder is: Kitaro Impact }

{ Discord: KitaroImpact#6966 }

|| Platforms ||
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRzALDqjpWvmuxvRQAIEAA


|| { TOP 4 } ||

|| Enemies ||
Wait we have enemies?
[ HI♥♥ ]

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