Clan Level: 409
Reputation Level: 212
Creation Date: 17/09/2022
**Updated policies, re-read if this is your first time reading in a while**

LENS Discord: https://discord.gg/TqhJ3BYzVX

Welcome to the LENS clan page. LENS is founded and led by me, Nitro_Wizard.

The ultimate goal of LENS is to create a clan second only to RUNE in skill and discipline. Top 5 is what I hope for, but I am comfortable anywhere in the top 10. We have had 3 former or current RUNE members who were actively in LENS previous, so if you've been deemed worthy of being here, be proud of it, but not cocky.

[ Co-owners/recruiters ]

[ How you can join ]
Instant join:
If you are level 75 or higher AND have a kdr of 1.30 or higher, you can join LENS per request, just message me on bandit and I'll invite you when I can.
If you are level 50-74 and/or your kdr is 1.15-1.29, you have the option to play against me or a co-owner in a best of 3 rounds 1v1 (level 49 or lower and 1.14 or lower kdr are not eligible). If me or the co-owner determine you worthy to join, you can be invited to LENS.

[ Competitions ]
I am willing to organize player tournaments against other clans. If you're a clan leader who is interested in a clan war/tournament and want to know more info, message me in bandit or on Discord (Korteks#2686).
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