Clan Level: 855
Reputation Level: 386
Creation Date: 14/03/2023
Welcome to Mono
Mono's Goals:
Mono's main goal is to reach clan level 1000
What we hope to do along the way is to make an accepting, nice, and active community that all can be apart of. Mono hopes to be a place to grow, learn, and have fun for new players, old players, non-experienced players, and experienced players, alike.
How to join:
You have to be level 36+ to join.
Message me or talk to me in a game if you want to join.
If you leave it would be nice if you message me about why you left so I could improve the clan. :)
Join the Official Bandit.Rip Values Server!
Owner : Memerea
Second in command : Empty so far
Third in command : Datbrofish
Clan scouters : GiggaChad, SEVENNATIONARMY, J__w, SharbTTV, SNBD, Yourmom69_
Members : Everyone else
How to get roles:
Message me on what role you want to have and if the role has no requirements you will have that role right away and if the role has requirements and you fullfill them you will have that role.
Second in command : You must be level 100+ and report every single thing regarding the clan that comes to you like if a clan scouter tells you about someone who wants to join. You must be a decently active player so you don't miss messages.
Third in command : You must be level 80+ and pretty much the same as second in command.
Clan Scouter : You find people who want to join the clan and message me, second in command, or third in command the name of the player so I can invite them to the clan. You must be active at least once a week and get one person to join per 3 weeks or I will have to remove your role.
If I deem you worthy I will promote you a rank.
There can only be 2 2nd in commands, 3 3rd in commands, and 10 Clan scouters at once.
Extra clan info and events:
I might have some polls or events every once in a while in the clan private text.
Do not be toxic or scam.
If a Mono member has scammed you message me what their user is and what the skin was. If the member does not give the skin back in 5 days I will kick them.
If an allied clan is deleted it goes to "Past Allies"
Allied Clans : Onyx, N0VA, Hue, Joe, MEtA, β„πŸ‘‘, M00, Peck, KIRE, AERO, β–Ά, SZN
Past Allies: ☭V3, SO6P, SN, Scam, <---, [🌭], Ayyo, γ‚ΌγƒˆγƒΌγƒž, BTR, γ‚·οΈŽ, Trad, STAR. Z-L, Trad
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