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This is not a clan, this is a goodbye message to everyone ;(

I'm leaving because I don't have a computer good enough to play online and sometimes I don't have wifi so I can't play a game if I don't meet the requirements.
It's like someone who wants to compete in a race without a car, you just can't do it.

I have met a lot of great people in this game and so I say goodbye to those good players, the truth is they are better than me.
What goes between signs -HI- are epic phrases and what goes between quotation marks "HI" is what I dedicate to these great people.
I say goodbye to these good person ;), (This is ordered alphabetically):

Beanman "You are very good with the Big B, take care"

Bellalightstorm [Marimo's Sister] "Take care sis"

BobJeff [Hello There] "You will always be my favorite opponent :)"

Cornonacob "Take care"

DayTroy [Tony] "Tony you are very good at playing with Dai"

Dynamic "Take care"

Dreamery [Dream] "We don't talk much but I want you to know that I may be second place again XD, Take care Dreamery"

F*** [e] [Binglenton] -Nice- "I didn't talk to you much but you are a nice person, take care"

Herokou "Congrats bro, take care"

Marimo [Peak Sword] -I hate this game- "Forgive me for not telling you that I am retiring, take care"

Mus400 "Kendine iyi bak kardeşim"

Nezz "Take care"

Obluda [Unknown] -My kills, Hacker- "ignore the hatred people throw at you, you will remain a god"

Paradox "If you keep training with kaizen, you will master it, take care"

SirQ76 [Kaizen] -What- "Take care :D"

So? "Take care"

Scufu "Scufu, take care bro"

Slepd "Be careful brother, SCP-173"

SquirrelMaster -gg- "Squirrel if you read this 'gg'"

STAR [369] "很高兴认识你,STAR"

Test281 [Dokuro] "focus on the bright side of things, take care sis"

Touhou [Ah?] "I'm leaving bro, take care"

Vein "I withdraw, take care"

Yautja "Sorry I didn't accept your 1v1 maybe in the future bro"

Yeeeboiii [Yes its cancer] -Pain- "Sorry about the Discord bro, Take care ;)"

Youu "Bro i don't know what to tell you XD, take care"

YH7OMI7OS "Bro, Kirby's Dream Land XD this cool"

To all these people I wish them to take care of themselves and do well in life, there are many more people I met but as I can only write 4000 characters I did not put them here, forgive me :(

if they ever come back, this farewell is for these people:

Cocobeanjr "Adios chica gamer"

DenkiKaminari1 -Noob, Is Lucky- "noob Denki XD Just kidding"

DonTheGoblin "That combo with Zetoman is amazing"



LegendaryHoi -oof, Gotcha- "Bye bro :("



Esta despedida es pa' los carnales que hablan español XD, el juego es chido jueguenlo, me despido de:


DanielXD [XC]





Koguelito Mago




Hay muchas más personas que conocí, pero no me acuerdo de sus nombres XD perdonenme de verdad, cuidense mucho bros.

I will show you some combos that I learned
The combos are viewed from the right side ->


You can make a super combo with Emy Angry.
First recharge Emy Angry then perform this combo JUMP+W2+W1+S You must be in the middle of the opponent or it won't work, when you have achieved this move the arrow from Left to Right, will you defeat someone with slaps? you will need practice.

If this combo is mastered in the best way, it is infinite.

[Pico] Infinite Pico

Some of you have seen me do this combination, now I will show you how to do it

W1+Riot Kick (wait for Pico and the opponent to fall) +W2+Dash (repeat the same but from the left side)

If this combo is mastered in the best way, it is infinite.







A message to zetoman77 [Tears] [Hiiiiiiiiii] -xD-.
Your video game is very cool bro, I really liked it a lot, take care.

I can't afford to write more because of the 4000 characters, the truth would be an hour of pure words XD good, bye to all
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