Welcome to the world of bandits! Bandit RIP is an online multiplayer 2D shoot 'em ups game, mixed with fighting game mechanics. Pick your favorite bandit from a cast of totally unique characters to compete to be the best!

This simple game guide will walk you through the obvious and not-so-obvious rules of the game, for those who are interested!
Movement Basics
AWSD keys are used to move your character around the map. [W] is used to jump.
In this guide, A key will be referred to as [LEFT], S key will be referred to as [DOWN] and [D] key will be referred to as [RIGHT].
Clicking [W] will perform a jump. In the air, you can still attack, but you cannot block or dash.
Be careful! Most attacks do more damage to players in the air!
Double Jump
Clicking [W] in the air will perform a double jump.
Jump Cancel
Clicking [S] in the air will cancel your jump.
Thin platform
Projectiles can pass through thin platforms, and you may jump up to the platform from below.
You can go down a thin platform by holding [LEFT] [DOWN] and [RIGHT] at the same time.
Key Binds
You can change all your key binds in settings.
Fighting Mechanics
You can use an attack by holding [LEFT CLICK]. Each attack has a number of "ammo" and a cooldown.
You can switch your attack with [E] or [Q]. You may also switch with [C] or [RIGHT CLICK].
Tip: If you are having trouble switching between attacks for a 3-attacks character, you can enable the popular "right-click bind to 3rd attack" setting.
Blocking an attack significantly reduces the damage you receive and the stun time. Blocking can protect you from pressure and is often the start of a counter-attack!
You can block an attack by holding [DOWN] and the direction opposing to the attack (for example, you would hold [DOWN]+[LEFT] to block a fireball coming from the right).
Dashing is a sudden burst in movement that is useful to move quickly and to get through most projectile attacks. However, you can still be hit by melee attacks mid-dash.
You can dash by clicking [SPACE] while holding [LEFT] or [RIGHT]. A cooldown in the bottom right will indicate whether it is possible to dash.
A combo is when a series of attacks quickly hit an enemy player and is uninterruptible (by blocking/dashing/anything). You can practice combos in training mode to make sure you deal the most damage!
A combo is being performed when the enemy's health bar is still red from the previous attack. The number of hits in a combo will appear nearby.
Melee vs Projectiles
Melee attacks are short ranged strong attacks like punches and kicks. Projectiles are long ranged attacks like fireballs or knifes. Melee attack players can use dash to evade projectiles. Also, some melee attacks can destroy projectiles. It is up to you to test it in training mode!
Projectiles are versatile and can be useful to deal continuous damage while keeping your opponents at bay!
Some attacks have melee or/and projectile invincibility. It is up to you to test it in training mode!
Some attacks will create an afterimage when an enemy is hit. An afterimage indicates projectile invincibility.
Round Mechanics
When you spawn, you have 1 second of invincibility from all attacks.
Knock Out
A knock out (KO) happens when you reduce an enemy player's HP bar to 0, or by knocking them off the map.
When a player is knocked out, you earn scores depending on the amount of damage you dealt.
When a player is knocked out, if you dealt significant damage to the player but did not land the last hit, you are awarded a KO assist instead.
When you knock out an enemy player, you gain health proportional to the total damage you dealt to the enemy, up to a maximum percentage.
A pink glow around your character indicate healing.
Mode Voting
When a round is ended, players can vote on the game mode for next round. There are many special game modes like Team Deathmatch, Fireball War, Sniper War, Big B Mania!
Battle Modes
Pubs refers to the public lobbies that all player join by clicking "Play".
A private lobby can be created to play among friends. You do not gain EXP or any rewards in a private lobby.
In a private lobby, you can use /coin to flip a coin.
1v1 refers to a special private lobby mode where 2 players face off against each other. There is no special game mode and maps are generally smaller. The win condition in 1v1 is first-to-5 (FT5).
Training Mode
Training mode is a place where you can test each character and their moves against a Training Dummy.
Stats Terminology
Kill vs death ratio.
Kill+assists vs death ratio.
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